Confidentiality - Sharing your information

Some of the information about you and your baby will be kept securely in the paper notes record which you will be given by your midwife and also electronically on our computer systems. By recording your details in this way we can help provide you with the best possible care. We may also look at your GP records for information about your medical history. In order to provide appropriate on-going care your details may also be shared with infant feeding peer supporters and health visitors.

The National Health Service (NHS) also wishes to collect some of this information about you and your baby, to help:

  • Monitor health trends
  • Increase understanding of adverse outcomes<
  • Strive towards the highest standards
  • Make recommendations for improving maternity care

At the Jessop Wing we take part in a range of audit activities to help improve our services. Audit monitors the standard of care received by patients. It's a regular process of looking at the care provided and asks:

  • What should we be doing?
  • Are we doing it?
  • How can we improve?

The results of these audit activities are used to make improvements to the care that is provided to you and your baby during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. Individuals are not identified.

The NHS has very strict confidentiality and data security procedures in place to ensure that personal information is not given to unauthorised persons. The data is recorded and identified by NHS number and your name and address are removed to safeguard confidentiality. Other information such as date of birth and postcode are included to help understand the influences of age and geography. In some cases, details of the care are looked at by independent experts working for the NHS, as part of special investigations (Confidential Enquiries), but only after the records have been completely anonymised.

Sharing contact details with other health supporting agencies

With your permission, we would also share only your contact details (no personal details) with services that can provide you with extra support as you become parents.